QMobile Mobile Queuing for Social Distancing

Digital Social Distancing

Social Distancing Automation
QMobile Social Distancing Automation

Automatically Mitigate the Risk of Transmission of COVID-19 by Reducing Crowding by 95%.
Demonstrate your investment in the health and safety of your employees and customers.
Open up and remain open, with Automate the Wait by QMobile, Social distancing at scale. Ideal for city services, retailers, restaurants, animal shelters, healthcare clinics. You can easily implement and manage social distancing measures while demonstrating your brand’s commitment to the health and safety of your employees and customers.

Social Distancing Automation – Digital Customer Flow

Problem – Customers at Risk while Waiting in Line
Manually controlling the flow of customers entering the store is an effective strategy to assure social distancing. However, the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for your customers and employees is proportionate to the size of the waiting line. Waiting lines bottleneck at the front of the line, requiring additional employees to enforce social distancing to mitigate crowding due to congestion. Inclement weather compounds the problems leading to negative customer experience. There is an alternative.

Remote Join Virtual Lobby

Virtual Lobby Contact Less waiting Line

Patrons no longer need to wait their turn in a crowded lobby. Automate the Wait’s Virtual Lobby is a web widget embedded in your website. Patrons are directed to join the virtual waiting line by going to your website using their mobile web browser.  Patrons entering their name and mobile number, then selecting a department queue and reason for the visit. Or patrons can also text a keyword to join the queue. They receive an op-tin message confirming the name of the queue (department) and their position in the queue.

Solution – QueueMobile’s Customer Satisfaction Social Distancing Automation
Digital Customer Flow Control automates to scale, social distancing transmission precautions by digitally managing customer flow using interactive SMS messaging. Replacing physical waiting lines with virtual waiting lines, reducing the risk of exposure for customers and employees dramatically.
QueueMobile’s digital automation features, assures optimal throughput and consistent customer volume while increasing productivity by freeing up essential employees.

Customers and Employees will Love it!
Grocery stores, big-box retailers and urgent care centers can easily implement and manage social distancing measures while demonstrating your brand’s commitment to the health and safety of your employees and customers.

Virtual queuing two ways, digital display or interactive text messaging. with 99% of mobile phones, which means no apps, smartphones optional. Unlike most of today’s mobile technology, QueueMobile is not dependent upon wifi and is compatible with mobile phone service across the globe.

How it Works – QueueMobile’s Social Distancing Automation

QMobile’s Digital Social Distancing Software as a Service

QueueMobile’s humanistic design is about maintaining a high level of individual autonomy, by providing customers with multiple options to safely wait in line.
Upon arriving in the store’s parking lot, signage directs customers to join a virtual waiting line via QMobile’s Customer portal, a responsive HTML web widget embedded on your website. Customers only need to enter their name to join the virtual queue. There are three ways in which customers can be notified when it is their turn to enter the store.
The most efficient is by interactive SMS text messaging. Customers enter their ten digital mobile number, give consent to receive text updates and notifications.
Monitor queue activity on big-screen digital displays mounted outside the store, from the comfort and safety of their car.
Customers can monitor their queue activity by linking to a mobile version of the digital display right on their smartphone.

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Interactive SMS Queuing

Digital Display of the Queues

QueueMobile™ goes beyond the virtual queue management system, by optimizing intra departmental communication through its digital workflow solution.

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Digital Display Formats
Queue Mobile is highly effective without SMS text messaging by incorporating digital display technology to show who is being served and who is next in line. We offer the formats. A multi queue display, a rotating multiple queue display and a single queue display. We offer custom design displays or you can provide your own.

Multiple Department Queues
Multiple Department Queue Management Display
Court Case Display Directory
CASE Call Court Queue Management digital display directory.
Digital Display
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