Customer Flow Solution

Q MobileTime for a Mobile Queue System?  Do your customers get frustrated by waiting in long lines? Are you overwhelmed by complaints as a result of long lines? Want to increase your revenue while increasing customer satisfaction? Unfortunately, congestion, long queues and long waiting times have become part of our lives but now with Queue Mobile’s suite of service industry solutions, customers are free from standing in line. Queue Mobile’s innovative technology combines the power and affordability of the internet and speed of SMS  messaging to create a virtual waiting line.

QueueMobile has evolved from a single queue SMS restaurant notification systems to a 2 way multi queue management system for the higher education sector, health care, special events, courts and I.T. Support.

Seamless Customer-centered Journey

QueueMobile™ goes beyond the virtual queue management system, by optimizing intra departmental communication through its digital workflow solution.

Student Q ROI 500

Digital Display Formats
Queue Mobile is highly effective without SMS text messaging by incorporating digital display technology to show who is being served and who is next in line. We offer the formats. A multi queue display, a rotating multiple queue display and a single queue display. We offer custom design displays or you can provide your own.

Multiple Department Queues
Multiple Department Queue Management Display
Court Case Display Directory
CASE Call Court Queue Management digital display directory.
Digital Display
Santa Q, Single Q Santa set Australia