SMS Patient Pagers

SMS Patient Pagers – Increasing Patient Flow

 In today’s world, hospitals, along with or medical and healthcare facilities, understand the need to optimize patient flow. Efficient patient management is a vital part of providing effective care. Our Patient Q queue management system takes full advantage of existing technology and uses it to optimize the patient experience and maximize patient flow.

Text Message Queueing System Operation

Patient Q works with any any any cell phone that is SMS enabled (which is roughly 98%) to create a seamless text message queuing system. It is easy to implement by hospitals and medical facilities and easy to use for any patient with any type of cell phone. Our cell phone pager system creates a virtual communication environment that provides effective, real-time virtual queueing capability and provides invaluable benefits to your organization through increase patient flow and patient satisfaction.

Text Message Queueing System Applications

Our Patient Q SMS paging system can be used in all facets of patient care from hospital admissions to emergency room triage, laboratories, radiology and pharmacy departments. It allows for timely communication with patients as well as staff both onsite and in inter-office environments. It solves the problem of waiting room congestion and allows for multi-scheduling and multitasking by liberating otherwise idle time. This allows doctors to stay better on schedule and respects the valuable time of their patients.

By utilizing our cell phone paging solution Patient Q, medical facilities are able to create a quieter environment by reducing or eliminating public address systems. It also allows medical staff to be more discreet and better protect patient confidentiality. It is a simple and effective way to improve patient experience.

Benefits to Patients

  • Increased Patient Satisfaction Reduces waiting room time and congestion and allows patients to move about the facility without fear of missing their turn or delaying their care. Patients can leave the waiting room, go to the cafeteria or gift shop or use the time in an otherwise productive way and still be easily and immediately contacted by facility staff.
  • Improved Communication Allows medical staff to send patient-specific information without compromising confidentiality policies. Doctors can send updates to family members regarding procedures, page family members to a specific department or inform patients that prescriptions are ready for pickup, even if the recipient is offsite.
  • Increased Waiting Room Efficiency Increases communication with patients and family and keeps waiting family members informed without frequent trips to the nurse’s station or information desk.
  • Total Confidentiality Silently relays sensitive information that cannot be overheard by passersby.

Benefits to Healthcare Facilities

  • Remote and Advance Scheduling Shortens the wait time for patients and streamlines the check-in process by allowing for facilities to communicate and schedule with patients in advance. Time can be organized around completing pre-appointment paperwork and pre-admission interviews and scheduled in tandem with all aspects of in-patient and out-patient care.
  • Ease of Use The intuitive Patient Q interface is simple to deploy, manage and use.
  • Quickly Notify of Delays Eliminate the frustration for patients waiting beyond their appointment times and the loss of production time spent dealing with patient inquiries regarding delays.
  • Sync with Multiple-Facilities Allows for efficient and accurate scheduling between facilities like triage, lab and pharmacy.

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2 thoughts on “SMS Patient Pagers

    1. I agree the holidays are the worst when it comes to hurrying up and wait in line. We have a successful queue management solution for Christmas time to assist the Santa sets with keeping the customer flow going while relaxing the long, tedious lines snaking through the center of the mall. With Santa Q, the Santa set staff can use the standard walk up the queue. When they add kids to the queue, the adults get a notification as to what position they are in line and an estimated wait time. This a relief to mom and dad can use the time to continue shopping until they notified via text that is almost their turn to see Santa. We also have as part of our native iPad Queue Mobile Fast Pass. This queue system is first come first serve. In this case, the family can pick from predefined appointment times to visit Santa. This model is great because it cuts out lines all together. 10 minutes before your appointment to see Santa you will get a text reminding you to head back to the set to visit with Santa.

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