SMS Student Queue System Return on Investment for Colleges and Universities

Student Q™
SMS queue system for colleges and universities.

Today, almost all universities and colleges want to increase enrollment as well as promote their reputation to public and community. One of the most efficient solutions is to cut down on long student waiting lines that frequently happen in several circumstances by using SMS student queuing systems. This approach is so called virtual waiting line management. Deploying cloud based software systems such as QueueMobile or Student Q , student queuing or college queuing systems, solves this matter. The major issue is making a cost benefit decision. The administrators must ponder the added expense of  providing more rapid convenient services, such as more staff to wait on students or capital projects to redesign student services centers verse the investment in student queuing system. This return on investment for universities and colleges alike to invest in college queuing system so as to avoid any inherent high costs of additional staff or a capital project while positively contributing to increasing student’s satisfaction.

Constantly, the cost trade-off decision is straightforward. For example, if a university or college figures out that the total time its employees or students spends waiting line to visit financial aid would instead be spent on other productive activities, the school could compare the cost of college queue management software to the value of that people’s time saved. This means that, in that case, the decision of whether installing hiring additional staff is made based on the comparison of operational cost provisions through better use of technology. Consequently, the school’s waiting line management system should be considered rather than increasing capacity of any educational service staff.

Meanwhile, in case if waiting line focuses on demand for enrollment at the university or college.  The school administration should examine the cost of additional capital expenses by summing the cost for constructing and enlarging administration, plus additional equipment required, and increased maintenance. Here the school is faced by the matters of trying to place a dollar figure on a student centers capacity during peak times. While it is easy to estimate lost educational services returns, what is the human cost arising from this lack of adequate customer service.  In short, it is essential for universities or colleges waiting line management software to put into consideration the maintenance or expansion of a student service in conjunction with the student’s experience as well as the promotion of them.

In conclusion, a student waiting line management systems in universities and colleges have increased value and ROI over infrastructure expansion or with minimal operational costs licenses the software, while solving a the difficult problems of long physical lines. Student waiting line software has advantages to students, but also helps increase the reputation of the school to public and communities.  To learn more visit Student or

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