About Us


Fulcrum Design is a boutique interactive mobile technology firm specializing in custom software development and consulting. Our client-centered approach leverages efficiency through simplicity for the end user, thus increasing customer engagement through smart design.  Fulcrum Design creates and supports innovative solutions that help businesses become a lasting success in the marketplace.

 Over the past 15 years we have earned a reputation as a leading software development company. To every project, we bring a combination of industry knowledge and talented and experience developers. Achieving our clients’ business goals is the true measure of our success. Fulcrum’s skills include rapid prototype development, cloud-based applications, and mobile application development.

 Fulcrum Design is headquartered in Central, Connecticut serving the hospitality, higher education, and the health care sectors. We also act as the back-end developer for national digital marketing firms seeking the latest technology in the mobile channel integration. Fulcrum Design does not employ a sales team nor do we resell other vendor’s products or services. We maintain a low overhead which enables us to maximize savings and value to our clients. Our reputation is based on the quality and performance of our solutions and the superior customer support necessary to maintain critical market share.

Software Solutions
Fulcrum’s is most noted for developing one of the first restaurant text pager system, Mobile Matradee®, which is now used by restaurants such as Dave & Busters as an alternative to costly coaster pagers. As a result of Mobile Matradee’s success Queue Mobile® was developed integrating SMS technology to create a virtual waiting line management solutions. Queue Mobile® has been successfully adapted by the following sectors: retail, higher education, court systems, and events. To learn more visit Social Mobile Trends.

Fulcrum Design health care consulting services
 assists health care providers with developing adaptive market strategies for the rapidly changing health care industry.   Fulcrum has a federal contract as a Direct Assistance Contractor to Connecticut’s Regional Extension Center, a federal health care program under the HiTech Act to assist primary care physicians with the selecting, adapting and implementing and achieving meaningful use of electronic medical records.

Fulcrum Design provides hosted software solutions and support to countries around the world Contact us at 203-715-4780. Our reach us on the web at http://fulcrumdesignllc.com

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