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Social Distancing for Courts
Court Queue Management & Automated Work

 Successful Social Distancing for courthouses requires controlling the court customer flow, entering the courthouse, inside and outside of the courthouse. Court Q’s suite of automated court customer workflow and virtual queue management solutions is specifically designed to bring order to the courthouse. 

Mobile Court Q Digital Docket is designed to keep court customers from crowding inside or outside the courthouse while maintaining smooth throughput of cases.  How it works:

Court Customer Flow Virtual Queuing

COVID-19 Court Q Digital Docket Goes Mobile

  1. The court uploads the case calendar of dockets for the day.
  2. Court Customers are notified either in advance or upon arrival at the courthouse too
    go to the Court’s website and locate the Court Q Check-in Portal.
  3. Scheduled cases and attorneys, will search for their case by entering their name or case #.
  4. Defendants can enter their 10 digital mobiles numbered opting to be notified by text when to enter the courthouse. Defendants without mobile phones can monitor Case Call’s digital directory (outside the courthouse).
  5. Court Clerks, log on to CASE Call, a paperless Court Case Queue Management system, to notify cases, that checked in, by text message to enter the courthouse.
  6. When the case is heard, depending on the verdict, the Court Clerk can digitally transfer the case, using CASE Call,  to the next department, or to the Cashier to pay fines and court fees.
  7. The defendant will receive the text notifications, return to her car and wait to be notified by the department/cashier.
  8. Walk-ins use the same portal but select the “walk-in button” and department and wait outside for text notification.

Court Messenger & Reminder Systems

Court Reminders systems should be a multi-channel automated mobile messaging, notification and communication suite. Mobile messaging – voice and text, has proven to be an effective channel of engagement across service industries, decreasing missed appointments by 30%. A New York City pilot program aimed to reduce failure to appear rates and increase collections demonstrated a return on investment of $250,000 court fines and fees by reducing the FTA rate by 36%.

Court Reminder System

Paperless Daily Docket Display Directory

Digital Daily Docket™ is a web-based, paperless, digital docket display directory and attendance solution. The daily court calendar is ported into Court Q, either by an API or manual upload of an Excel file. Designed with affordability in mind, the day’s docket of cases can be projected on to any browser-based monitor or smart TV, no special hardware required.

A Check-in Kiosk is integrated with the Digital Daily Docket™. A web-based touch screen kiosk with features such as case lookup by name, case number or citation is an excellent attendance solution. As customers check-in, the Digital Dialy Docket updates in real-time, push updates to CASE Call, a courtroom case queue management system. Optional features of the Digital Daily Docket include Court Q Messenger™, customers can opt-in to receive court reminders and case information by text messages. Building a permission list of court customers opting in to receive court text messages. The most effective communication and engagement channel for court reminders and mobile collection efforts.

How It Works

Upon check-in verification using the Digital Daily Docket kiosk customers can opt-in to receive text messages by entering their mobile number. Court Q Messenger™ will then text the docket case information and an optional wayfinding mobile map right into the hands of your court customers.

Court Case Queue Management & Notification System

As customer’s Check-in the Digital Daily Docket will push real-time updates to CASE Call™, Court Q’s Courtroom Case Queue Management, and Attendance system solution. CASE Call is designed to lower court’s clearance rate by improved case throughput. CASE Call’s Court Clerk User Interface makes it easy for clerks to manage their case flow by CASE Call’s courtroom digital display queues or SMS virtual waiting lines.

SMS Court Queuing and Notification System

Courts that permit the use of cell phones, can significantly benefit from Case CALL’s virtual queue management solution. CASE Call can be programmed to automatically send text alerts by the queue position(s) a customer is in. Customers receive a text alert, calling them back into the courtroom.

Outcomes – Achieve Key Measurable Perspectives

Court Q is designed to meet the High-Performance Court Framework:

A Road Map for Improving Court Management, established by the National Center for State Courts(NCSC). The Framework focuses on four key perspectives.

  • The customer perspective;
  • The internal operating perspective;
  • The innovation perspective; and
  • The social value perspective.

The two perspectives that can be measured and benchmarked are:

  1. The customer perspective, these are the areas of effectiveness and procedural satisfaction.
  2. Operating perspective, these are the areas of efficiency and productivity.

Court Q achieves the customer perspective with the satisfaction associated with a sense of autonomy that comes with virtual queuing. No standing in line nor sitting and waiting anxiously in a crowded courtroom. Customers can now wait outside of the courtroom, choosing how best to make use of their wait time.

The operating perspective is the efficiencies gained by reducing or eliminating manual workflow. The internal savings and reallocation of staff time to important projects.

External efficiencies gained from Court Q’s queue management system’s digital workflow. Leveraging the digital workflow supporting the court customer journey can potentially increase the timeliness of collections. For example, CASE Call™ can be extended beyond the courtrooms, to include the cashier. Court Clerks can update and share a case verdicts information such as fines and fees within CASE Call. The clerk can transfer the customer to the Cashier for collections before the customer leaves the courtroom. The court customer will get a text notification informing him of his position in the Cashier’s virtual waiting line. When next to be seen, the Cashier can summons the customer to come to the window and pay. Likely reducing the number of cases that go to collections when not paid the day of the hearing.

Non-Cell Phone

Courthouses that prohibit cell phones entirely will benefit from Digital Docket Display Directory to help your customers find their assigned courtroom without huddling around a spreadsheet taped to the wall. Each courtroom can benefit from CASE Call’s digital display visual queuing system.

CASE Call Court Queue Management digital display directory.
Multiple Department Queue Management Display

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Court Q is a design that is to vertically integrate the court customer’s journeys. Starting with text and voice Court Date Reminder systems.  For example, Court Q,  an automated Court queue management and customer flow software is designed to optimize existing workflow through digital automation, in turn, gaining operational efficiencies over paper-based workflows, saving staff time,  lowering the court’s Clearance Rate and improving court stakeholder satisfaction.