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Mobile Matradee a guest waitlist apps

Mobile Matradee™ a restaurant waitlist app, among the first to disrupt the restaurant coaster pager market in 2009. Mobile Matradee was developed in 2009 as a guest management solution for Max Restaurant Group, who was seeking an innovative alternative to costly, tasty restaurant buzzer pagers.  Max’s President proposed a computerize waitlist with the guest’s name and mobile number. With a push of a button, host staff can summons the guest to be seated by either a recorded phone call or SMS text.

Mobile Matradee™ a restaurant waitlist SMS apps quickly caught the attention of savvy restaurant owners looking to optimize table turns while eliminating the physical waiting line. The results were/are remarkable –

  • Eliminated congestion at the door
  • Increased table turns
  • Increased guest satisfaction
  • Increased host staff satisfaction
  • Decreased walk-aways
  • Eliminated hassle and cost of replacing pagers

Mobile Matradee™ has been in use across the country by single-unit independent restaurants to multi-unit restaurant and entertainment companies such as Busters and Top Golf USA.  Visit Mobile Matradee to learn more.

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