Patient Q™

health-care-bannerA Patient Waiting Room Satisfaction Solutions.

Patient satisfaction is now a core measure of a health care provider’s performance so why not start at the waiting room. Patient Q™ takes the anxiety out of waiting while improving patient flow and satisfaction.

Patient Q™ is an interactive queue management system that uses SMS messaging to communicate with patients/families while they wait. Our innovative HIPAA compliant technology enables the patient or family to interact with the queue using simple text reply commands, thus increasing their sense of control and satisfaction. Patients/families are free to move about the campus while avoiding contagions associate with crowded waiting rooms. Staff can effectively manage multiple queues (waits) from a single web portal on any browser. Patient Q offers an optional self-serve kiosk and digital display integration.

Digital Display
QueueMobile 3 Queue Display Projection

Patient Q is a  (SAAS) software as a service, ideal for busy health care providers such as hospitals, urgent care clinics, pharmacies and labs who are seeking a solution to enhance the patient satisfaction through better management of the waiting room experience.

  • Highly effective for instant concise communication
  • 90% of the population has a cell phone
  • Reduces or eliminates anxiety associated with waiting
  • Text messages are read instantly by receivers assuring quick response
  • Low technology acquisition costs and maintenance (web hosted application0
  • Freedom – Patients/families are not tethered to the waiting room
  • Prevents the spread of contagions traditionally associated with coaster pagers passed from patient to patient.

Immediate and instant communication to staff and families is a critical component of quality service delivery. Today’s SMS hospital pagers systems are highly effective communication and patient satisfaction tools. Patient’s satisfaction is a core performance indicator, and although reducing wait times to acceptable level can be next to impossible at times, however, solutions such as Patient Q can reduce the perceived wait time for patients and families.  Patient Q uses SMS messaging along with a digital display in the waiting room for those patient/families without a cell phone.

Patient Q Admin Queue Set Up

Hybrid Appointment Reminder Systems
We have developed an iPad App, which has two interfaces, a self-serve kiosk, and Queue Manager.  When QueueMobile is put into Reservation mode, the iPad interface turns into a same-day appointment system.  The provider can set appointment intervals ranging from 5 minutes up to 45 minutes. The kiosk fields can be customized, for example, after collection the name and phone number you could had a field “Insurance,” they can enter their carrier or choose from a drop-down list. The next field could Group ID.  Or you might want to develop a CRM and collect patient emails or zip codes.  Patients are still first come first serve. However, those early arrivals have choices of whatever time that is convenience for them. They will get a text message confirming the appointment time that day along with a reminder text with the ability for the patient to notify the practice if they can’t make by simply reply “C” to cancel. This will open slot to see a walk ins. The patient appointment will expire 10 minutes after his appointment time, keeping the patients flow going.  This year we added the capability to double book appointment to assure optimal visits.  We suggest you add mobile web survey link to the reminder message, a geat way measure satisfaction, and process improvement, for example, Survey

Patient Web Portals

A recent trend among hospital urgent care clinics and EDs is providing a patient portal to join the queue before arriving at the hospital. Patients will evaluate multiple clinic or EDs and choose the one with the seemingly shortest wait. The practice finds this beneficial becuase they can triage based on patients listed condition. Patient Q’s web portal is a widget that goes on the Department’s web page.


Patient Portal Self-Scheduler

We now offer a web-based patient self-scheduler.  The patients login and have access the provider scheduler.  Using an API or application interface our calendar can sync with scheduling software that offers an API.  Patients can make appointments in advance, get a text confirmation of their appointment and a reminder text the day of their appointment. We can including a payment gateway that would require patients to pay convenience fee or their copay to book through the Self-Scheduler.  It’s a suggestion to recover the nonshows.

QueuMobile Appointment

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