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Urgent Care Open 7 Days a Week 

Monday-Friday 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Saturday-Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

No appointments necessary!

Please call 360-346-2222 with any questions.

Walk-in service for those suffering from:

  • fevers
  • cold and flu symptoms
  • stomach aches, pains and cramping
  • ear aches
  • twists, sprains and possible breaks
  • rashes
  • cuts and burns
  • infections
  • and much more!

Urgent Care services should not take the place of routine visits with your primary care provider. Those with life and/or limb threatening situations should still call 911 and/or get to your nearest Emergency Department as soon as possible. Summit Pacific’s ER is open 24/7.

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SMS Patient Pagers

SMS Patient Pagers – Increasing Patient Flow

 In today’s world, hospitals, along with or medical and healthcare facilities, understand the need to optimize patient flow. Efficient patient management is a vital part of providing effective care. Our Patient Q queue management system takes full advantage of existing technology and uses it to optimize the patient experience and maximize patient flow.

Text Message Queueing System Operation

 Patient Q works with any any any cell phone that is SMS enabled (which is roughly 98%) to create a seamless text message queuing system. It is easy to implement by hospitals and medical facilities and easy to use for any patient with any type of cell phone. Our cell phone pager system creates a virtual communication environment that provides effective, real-time virtual queueing capability and provides invaluable benefits to your organization through increase patient flow and patient satisfaction.

Text Message Queueing System Applications

Our Patient Q SMS paging system can be used in all facets of patient care from hospital admissions to emergency room triage, laboratories, radiology and pharmacy departments. It allows for timely communication with patients as well as staff both onsite and in inter-office environments. It solves the problem of waiting room congestion and allows for multi-scheduling and multitasking by liberating otherwise idle time. This allows doctors to stay better on schedule and respects the valuable time of their patients.

By utilizing our cell phone paging solution Patient Q, medical facilities are able to create a quieter environment by reducing or eliminating public address systems. It also allows medical staff to be more discreet and better protect patient confidentiality. It is a simple and effective way to improve patient experience.

Benefits to Patients

  • Increased Patient Satisfaction Reduces waiting room time and congestion and allows patients to move about the facility without fear of missing their turn or delaying their care. Patients can leave the waiting room, go to the cafeteria or gift shop or use the time in an otherwise productive way and still be easily and immediately contacted by facility staff.
  • Improved Communication Allows medical staff to send patient-specific information without compromising confidentiality policies. Doctors can send updates to family members regarding procedures, page family members to a specific department or inform patients that prescriptions are ready for pickup, even if the recipient is offsite.
  • Increased Waiting Room Efficiency Increases communication with patients and family and keeps waiting family members informed without frequent trips to the nurse’s station or information desk.
  • Total Confidentiality Silently relays sensitive information that cannot be overheard by passersby.

Benefits to Healthcare Facilities

  • Remote and Advance Scheduling Shortens the wait time for patients and streamlines the check-in process by allowing for facilities to communicate and schedule with patients in advance. Time can be organized around completing pre-appointment paperwork and pre-admission interviews and scheduled in tandem with all aspects of in-patient and out-patient care.
  • Ease of Use The intuitive Patient Q interface is simple to deploy, manage and use.
  • Quickly Notify of Delays Eliminate the frustration for patients waiting beyond their appointment times and the loss of production time spent dealing with patient inquiries regarding delays.
  • Sync with Multiple-Facilities Allows for efficient and accurate scheduling between facilities like triage, lab and pharmacy.

To learn more visit http://QueueMobile.com

Text Reminders Can Improve Health, JAMA 2015


“Not only does this research provide evidence that a text-based program can improve heart disease risk factors, but it also shows that a bunch of bells and whistles aren’t required for successful health outcomes. A simple, low-cost program of text messaging can do the trick.” says, Distinguished Professor of Medicine in the division of cardiology at Duke and an associate editor of JAMA.  Click to read the full study
September 22/29, 2015
Effect of Lifestyle-Focused Text Messaging on Risk Factor Modification in Patients With Coronary Heart Disease
A Randomized Clinical Trial
Clara K. Chow, MBBS, PhD1,2; Julie Redfern, PhD1; Graham S. Hillis, MBChB, PhD3,4,5; et al


Fulcrum Design has developed Health & Wellness SMS Reminder Systems and feel it is necessary for population health management initiative to use this technology.  For one, as for as an effective means of communicating to large audiences. Text messages are opened 98% of the time and read within the first 15 minutes, more than email, phone calls or morse code. Two, the studies prove that texted based reminder keep patients in compliance.  To learn more contact us.

Queue Mobile – SMS Waiting Line Management Systems.

QueueMobile licensed in Equador as Sipi Q.
Santa Q™ by Queue Mobile, creating a less stressful Christmas experience for families and driving sales for mall tenets.
Long time client of Mobile Matradee
Mobile Matradee restaurant text pagers
Mobile Matradee restaurant Text Pagers
Student Q, queue management for higher education
Santa Q, Santa set Australia

Benefits of Queue Management for Colleges

In educational environments like universities and colleges, there are a variety of activities and events that can benefit from college queue management system. According to website Social Mobile Trends today’s students are tech savvy, especially with mobile devices. Adding themselves to the financial aid line through their mobile phone by queue management system for colleges is the norm not the exception. By using  a college queuing system via mobile devices or websites, such as Student Q, businesses as well as educational organizations would be able to maximize student flow and reduce processing times tremendously for several reasons as follows.

To begin with, with the help of queue management software for colleges, student service offices or help desks would better manage education services as well as facilities in an effective way and with a higher customer flow rate. In particular for universities and colleges, it is evident that students frequently encounter an occurrence of waiting lines. The best solution is to use technology such as college queue management system to handle student waiting lines. Because of this reason, it is suitable for universities and colleges to utilize queue management for colleges like Student Q running in educational surroundings.

In addition, there are several kinds of queuing system requiring different kinds of queue management software in order to suitably exploit and to optimally operate certain service systems. In universities and colleges, it is much better for them to apply queue management software on cell-phones since 10 out of 10 students reply on text messaging as a primary means of communication. For example, Student Q is a wait management system powered by ubiquitous cell-phone. The software helps universities and colleges to improve their student’s experience because it can now extremely reduce the long line linked to student services, such as long line for entering for classes, student assignment, student assistance and financial aid. Through the software, student services employees are able to monitor the long lines, waiting times, waiting services, so that they can keep in tough with students persistently by interacting with them via their own cell-phone. That way the student services staff will inform certain students whether he or she is in the next round to have access to the services. Meanwhile, students can verify their turn through their mobile phone at anywhere. It goes without saying that utilizing Student Q in higher educational schools helps enhance student’s experience considerably since it is able to get them to reach their expectations while they don’t need send too much time dealing with the procedure of the process of the services on campuses.

Needless to say that Student Q is one of the most useful queue management software that has significantly contributed to outperforming educational services in universities and colleges alike. It provides students as well as school services employees with several advantages by raising the quality of educational and training management and keeping the service fee and tuition from skyrocketing. So, it is clear that the presence of Student Q has a considerable contribution to the reputation of the schools since it shows the school’s efforts to assist students and their staff alike in their functional implementation.  To learn more visit www.studentQ.com or www.queuemobile.com


SMS Student Queue System Return on Investment for Colleges and Universities

Student Q™
SMS queue system for colleges and universities.

Today, almost all universities and colleges want to increase enrollment as well as promote their reputation to public and community. One of the most efficient solutions is to cut down on long student waiting lines that frequently happen in several circumstances by using SMS student queuing systems. This approach is so called virtual waiting line management. Deploying cloud based software systems such as QueueMobile or Student Q , student queuing or college queuing systems, solves this matter. The major issue is making a cost benefit decision. The administrators must ponder the added expense of  providing more rapid convenient services, such as more staff to wait on students or capital projects to redesign student services centers verse the investment in student queuing system. This return on investment for universities and colleges alike to invest in college queuing system so as to avoid any inherent high costs of additional staff or a capital project while positively contributing to increasing student’s satisfaction.

Constantly, the cost trade-off decision is straightforward. For example, if a university or college figures out that the total time its employees or students spends waiting line to visit financial aid would instead be spent on other productive activities, the school could compare the cost of college queue management software to the value of that people’s time saved. This means that, in that case, the decision of whether installing hiring additional staff is made based on the comparison of operational cost provisions through better use of technology. Consequently, the school’s waiting line management system should be considered rather than increasing capacity of any educational service staff.

Meanwhile, in case if waiting line focuses on demand for enrollment at the university or college.  The school administration should examine the cost of additional capital expenses by summing the cost for constructing and enlarging administration, plus additional equipment required, and increased maintenance. Here the school is faced by the matters of trying to place a dollar figure on a student centers capacity during peak times. While it is easy to estimate lost educational services returns, what is the human cost arising from this lack of adequate customer service.  In short, it is essential for universities or colleges waiting line management software to put into consideration the maintenance or expansion of a student service in conjunction with the student’s experience as well as the promotion of them.

In conclusion, a student waiting line management systems in universities and colleges have increased value and ROI over infrastructure expansion or with minimal operational costs licenses the software, while solving a the difficult problems of long physical lines. Student waiting line software has advantages to students, but also helps increase the reputation of the school to public and communities.  To learn more visit Student Q.com or QueueMobile.com

Higher Education Virtual Queue Management Systems

It’s time to do away with physical lines and move to a higher education virtual queue management system, particularly for those higher educational institutions  where waiting lines  frequently occur. In order to address such the occurrences, universities and colleges should understand student flow and learn to know how to monitor and control the flow of students through the use of student queuing systems such as Queue Mobile or Student Q.. A crucial aspects towards achieving student satisfaction. It is fundamental to planning and design, job descriptions, and delivering excellence at educational service levels, and so on. A higher education virtual queue management systems can benefit, students who have to wait in line, the staff that have to serve the students from the health center to notify students of their appointment to managing the wait list at the student center café.

The waiting line phenomenon exists  everywhere in university and college environments. It is essential that universities and colleges alike should invest in higher education student queue management systems to effectively increase the student and staff experience while waiting for services. Virtual waiting line systems is way to clearly helps the school to better increase their productivity and gain favor with students..

In addition, to efficiently employ waiting line management in school surroundings, universities and colleges initially carefully investigate the potential of technology as well as their service facilities, which are associated with higher education waiting line management. With the help of technology, in these days, available systems such as Queue Mobile and Student Q, readily provide reasonable solutions to waiting line management in university and college environments. These solutions arrive through queuing theory, allow administrators to analyze and examine service requirements and set up infrastructure fixed to stated conditions. Queuing theory is developed to largely resolve distinctive delays as those encountered by students at peak periods such as enrollment in which a holding pattern results in long physical lines.  Recently, Internet access providers are capable of providing Internet service with extremely high speed integrated the school infrastructures, which enables the deployment of cloud based waiting line management in an effective way. It is evident that waiting line management technology enables universities as well as colleges evolve to their students and staff by finding different ways to maximize the student’s satisfaction while considerably reducing the operational costs of educational services.

To sum up, in the case of universities and colleges, if they know how to employ higher education waiting line management software appropriately to their they will surely succeed in solving the problems caused by waiting lines or queues mentioned above. That method not only brings about several beneficiaries to students, but also helps promote the credit of those educational institutions tremendously. In actuality, waiting line management is today applied to various aspects of universities as well as colleges in daily basic, contributing to increasing the quality of higher education in many parts of the world. To learn more visit Student Q.com or QueueMobile.com

Student Waiting Line Solutions for Colleges

SMS Queue Management Systems for students are paramount to excellence is student services, according to the website Social Mobile Trends.  The iPad student wait line app the solution. Systems like Student Q or Queue Mobile are cloud based SMS queue management systems for students design to create a virtual waiting line for One Stop.  Student Q for example has an iOS iPad app that can run in a self serve kiosk mode or in a Queue Manager mode. The advantages of using a student queuing system like Student Q or Queue Mobile, is that they use iOS, a native queuing App which is much more responsiveness over a web based application, it’ also works in off line mode in the event internet connection is lose. The queue management App will continue to add students to the queue and when connectivity is established, the  students will be sync to the system via web services. This is particularly important for peak periods, such as student enrollment.

Key benefits of a student queuing Apps such as Student Q and Queue Mobile are the following:

  • Real time two SMS messaging
  • Interactive commands for students and customers to manage and monitor their place in the queues
  • Automatic reminder messages to communicate to students to return to the office when they become 4th in line.
  • The flexibility for students to either leave the queue by a simple reply text of “L” or to request more time by a simple reply text of “T”
  • A native iOS iPad and iPhone queuing app
  • The ability to turn on a reservation mode, and take same day appointments or to schedule appointments in advance.
  • Hi quality reporting to track average wait time, the number of students seen by a queue, the number of students who have left a queue and the number of students who have transferred from one queue to another.
  • A single login in order to let multiple departments share the system and move students seamlessly through the queues.
  • Digital display to show the next 5 students in the queue (for students without a cell phone).

Student Q for example is design to work a single queue during the year for Financial Aid and during peak times to work within a group of departments to stream line registration and enrollment by sharing the students across the queues.

The advantage of cloud based queue management software system requires no specialize  infrastructure upgrades, its browser based and you need an broadband internet connection.  You can run it from a browser on a PC, tablet , phone or use an App such as Queue Mobile’s iPad app.  Set up and testing takes about 7 days and the majority of that time is for the school to adjust it’s work flow to maximize the technology. To learn more visit http://QueueMobile.com