Event Q™ Smart Queuing

QueueMobile™ has been selected and deployed to enhance the onboarding  experience of the first self-driving Autonomous Shuttles in the U.S. AAA of North American,in partnership with the city of Las Vegas, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) and Keolis North America (Keolis) the operator of the self-driving shuttle that is manufactured by NAVYA, is sponsoring the free shuttle services to promote the future of smart transit.

QueueMobile’s interactive technology design to eliminate physical waiting lines by replacing them with virtual queues, creating a frictionless consumer engagement that promotes the on-demand lifestyle that dictates the desired autonomy of today’s digital consumer.

Future of People Friendly Mass Smart Transit: QueueMobile & Autonomous Shuttles

“The pairing of QueueMobile with the AAA Free self-driving Autonomous Shuttle is a “groundbreaking first in public transit, an end to end solution defining a new era of smart public transit”, stated Brian McGovern, Director, at Tech Target, a data-driven market surveillance firm.  “The shared goal of smart transit and virtual queuing is to mitigate the negative feelings associated with waiting due to congestion. Frustration, anger and a sense of hopelessness are powerful emotions you don’t want to be associated with your brand.” According to Celinda Pinillos, the firm’s Creative Muse. “Congestion simply put is when demand exceeds the capacity of the channel, resulting in a slow down or stoppage. In terms of driving, this is when traffic exceeds the capacity of the street, resulting in a bottleneck effect as traffic has to merge into a single queue, slowing down or even coming to a stop.

This mostly human phenomenon happens on freeways, runways, hallways, court houses and emergency rooms. There are a number of complex ways to address congestion, most of them very costly and short term. However, in the cases of human congestion, such as the demand to ride the Shuttles during peak times, QueueMobile’s virtual queues or virtual waiting lines can safely redirect the focus of waiting to something more meaningful. The peace of mind QueueMobile provides customers is what enables a change in perspective, thus maintaining a reasonable outlook, mitigating the negative perception associated with the uncertainty of waiting on line.

Student Q is designed with a  unique approach to virtual queuing fosters a level of comfort equivalent with an appointment or reservation. Perception of the moment is our reality, QueueMobile’s humanistic design is about maintaining a high level of individual autonomy, which is typically the trade-off to maintain a place a physical line”, according to Munson.

As the AAA Free Driverless Shuttle has gained popularity since the start of the pilot in November, the demand for the experience has increased, a key milestone of a pilot program. However, without foresight and proper planning, the project can fall victim to its own success.” Peak times weekends”, according to Maxwell a process improvement consultant at Fulcrum Design.  A2Z Media Group, a full service out of San Fransisco had the foresight  QueueMobile is a suite of virtual waiting line and online booking solutions. QueueMobile’s technology works with 99% of mobile phones, which means no apps or smartphone required. Unlike most of today’s mobile technology, QueueMobile is not dependent upon wifi and is compatible with mobile phone service across the globe.

AAA of North America Autonomous Shuttle Service Ambassador in blue T-shirt holding iPad uses QueueMobile to Board Riders.

Queue Mobile™” is a suite of customer flow solutions designed to increase customer satisfaction by eliminating the need to stand in a waiting line or site in a waiting room. QueueMobile’s architecture is derived from Mobile Matradee, one of the first restaurant cell phone pager systems designed by Bandon Munson, Chief Innovation Officer at Fulcrum Design, LLC. Fulcrum Design is a boutique, interactive software development firm renowned for client driven innovations that go beyond the code.

Queue Mobile is scalable for small and large organizations seeking to increase customer satisfaction at the point of service. Queue Mobile is a cloud-based Software as a Solution. A PC, tablet or smartphone with internet access is all that is needed. Customers are entered into Queue Mobile via self-serve kiosk or a “queue manager”, a text message is sent to the cell phones, confirming customer registration in a particular queue. Customers can interact with the queues with simple text replies (“T” for more time, “S” for status or “L” to leave the line) to check their status in the queue, request more time or leave the queue automatically.

Clients include season events, universities and colleges, restaurant and Courts and government agencies and healthcare providers. Freedom and sense of control and your staff enjoy the automation as well as fewer complaints. Happy staff equal satisfied customers. Give us a call and let us show you how affordable and effective QueueMobile is. Fulcrum Design, LLC.  Drop us a line and learn how QueueMobile can work for you.