Student Q™

Student Q™ the first SMS queue system designed specifically for colleges and universities by higher education users.

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Today’s “always  connected” students have high expectations when it comes to technology and higher education. SMS mobile queuing software is an essential technology solutions that meets expectations.   However, not all SMS queue systems are created equal or at least designed and developed with higher education in mind.

Student Q, goes beyond the virtual waiting line for colleges and universities, with a Mobile One Stop Express. A flexible configurable platform for both centralize or decentralized student support service models. Offering multiple student access points to join a queue. Self serve student kiosk for example, can be configured to offer student’s access to multi-department queues or to a single linear queue.    What Makes Student Q the Right Choice for Higher Ed.

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Student Q 3.0 a One Stop Mobile Express
  1. Engage students while they wait in a virtual queue.
  2. A collaborative platform with a simple and intuitive user interface designed to create a seamless customer service centered journey across multiple departments.
  3. Resulting in: ROI side


Student Q, the the first SMS Waitlist Management software for colleges and universities.