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SMS Student Queue System Return on Investment for Colleges and Universities

Student Q™
SMS queue system for colleges and universities.

Today, almost all universities and colleges want to increase enrollment as well as promote their reputation to public and community. One of the most efficient solutions is to cut down on long student waiting lines that frequently happen in several circumstances by using SMS student queuing systems. This approach is so called virtual waiting line management. Deploying cloud based software systems such as QueueMobile or Student Q , student queuing or college queuing systems, solves this matter. The major issue is making a cost benefit decision. The administrators must ponder the added expense of  providing more rapid convenient services, such as more staff to wait on students or capital projects to redesign student services centers verse the investment in student queuing system. This return on investment for universities and colleges alike to invest in college queuing system so as to avoid any inherent high costs of additional staff or a capital project while positively contributing to increasing student’s satisfaction.

Constantly, the cost trade-off decision is straightforward. For example, if a university or college figures out that the total time its employees or students spends waiting line to visit financial aid would instead be spent on other productive activities, the school could compare the cost of college queue management software to the value of that people’s time saved. This means that, in that case, the decision of whether installing hiring additional staff is made based on the comparison of operational cost provisions through better use of technology. Consequently, the school’s waiting line management system should be considered rather than increasing capacity of any educational service staff.

Meanwhile, in case if waiting line focuses on demand for enrollment at the university or college.  The school administration should examine the cost of additional capital expenses by summing the cost for constructing and enlarging administration, plus additional equipment required, and increased maintenance. Here the school is faced by the matters of trying to place a dollar figure on a student centers capacity during peak times. While it is easy to estimate lost educational services returns, what is the human cost arising from this lack of adequate customer service.  In short, it is essential for universities or colleges waiting line management software to put into consideration the maintenance or expansion of a student service in conjunction with the student’s experience as well as the promotion of them.

In conclusion, a student waiting line management systems in universities and colleges have increased value and ROI over infrastructure expansion or with minimal operational costs licenses the software, while solving a the difficult problems of long physical lines. Student waiting line software has advantages to students, but also helps increase the reputation of the school to public and communities.  To learn more visit Student Q.com or QueueMobile.com

Higher Education Virtual Queue Management Systems

It’s time to do away with physical lines and move to a higher education virtual queue management system, particularly for those higher educational institutions  where waiting lines  frequently occur. In order to address such the occurrences, universities and colleges should understand student flow and learn to know how to monitor and control the flow of students through the use of student queuing systems such as Queue Mobile or Student Q.. A crucial aspects towards achieving student satisfaction. It is fundamental to planning and design, job descriptions, and delivering excellence at educational service levels, and so on. A higher education virtual queue management systems can benefit, students who have to wait in line, the staff that have to serve the students from the health center to notify students of their appointment to managing the wait list at the student center café.

The waiting line phenomenon exists  everywhere in university and college environments. It is essential that universities and colleges alike should invest in higher education student queue management systems to effectively increase the student and staff experience while waiting for services. Virtual waiting line systems is way to clearly helps the school to better increase their productivity and gain favor with students..

In addition, to efficiently employ waiting line management in school surroundings, universities and colleges initially carefully investigate the potential of technology as well as their service facilities, which are associated with higher education waiting line management. With the help of technology, in these days, available systems such as Queue Mobile and Student Q, readily provide reasonable solutions to waiting line management in university and college environments. These solutions arrive through queuing theory, allow administrators to analyze and examine service requirements and set up infrastructure fixed to stated conditions. Queuing theory is developed to largely resolve distinctive delays as those encountered by students at peak periods such as enrollment in which a holding pattern results in long physical lines.  Recently, Internet access providers are capable of providing Internet service with extremely high speed integrated the school infrastructures, which enables the deployment of cloud based waiting line management in an effective way. It is evident that waiting line management technology enables universities as well as colleges evolve to their students and staff by finding different ways to maximize the student’s satisfaction while considerably reducing the operational costs of educational services.

To sum up, in the case of universities and colleges, if they know how to employ higher education waiting line management software appropriately to their they will surely succeed in solving the problems caused by waiting lines or queues mentioned above. That method not only brings about several beneficiaries to students, but also helps promote the credit of those educational institutions tremendously. In actuality, waiting line management is today applied to various aspects of universities as well as colleges in daily basic, contributing to increasing the quality of higher education in many parts of the world. To learn more visit Student Q.com or QueueMobile.com

Student Waiting Line Solutions for Colleges

SMS Queue Management Systems for students are paramount to excellence is student services, according to the website Social Mobile Trends.  The iPad student wait line app the solution. Systems like Student Q or Queue Mobile are cloud based SMS queue management systems for students design to create a virtual waiting line for One Stop.  Student Q for example has an iOS iPad app that can run in a self serve kiosk mode or in a Queue Manager mode. The advantages of using a student queuing system like Student Q or Queue Mobile, is that they use iOS, a native queuing App which is much more responsiveness over a web based application, it’ also works in off line mode in the event internet connection is lose. The queue management App will continue to add students to the queue and when connectivity is established, the  students will be sync to the system via web services. This is particularly important for peak periods, such as student enrollment.

Key benefits of a student queuing Apps such as Student Q and Queue Mobile are the following:

  • Real time two SMS messaging
  • Interactive commands for students and customers to manage and monitor their place in the queues
  • Automatic reminder messages to communicate to students to return to the office when they become 4th in line.
  • The flexibility for students to either leave the queue by a simple reply text of “L” or to request more time by a simple reply text of “T”
  • A native iOS iPad and iPhone queuing app
  • The ability to turn on a reservation mode, and take same day appointments or to schedule appointments in advance.
  • Hi quality reporting to track average wait time, the number of students seen by a queue, the number of students who have left a queue and the number of students who have transferred from one queue to another.
  • A single login in order to let multiple departments share the system and move students seamlessly through the queues.
  • Digital display to show the next 5 students in the queue (for students without a cell phone).

Student Q for example is design to work a single queue during the year for Financial Aid and during peak times to work within a group of departments to stream line registration and enrollment by sharing the students across the queues.

The advantage of cloud based queue management software system requires no specialize  infrastructure upgrades, its browser based and you need an broadband internet connection.  You can run it from a browser on a PC, tablet , phone or use an App such as Queue Mobile’s iPad app.  Set up and testing takes about 7 days and the majority of that time is for the school to adjust it’s work flow to maximize the technology. To learn more visit http://QueueMobile.com

Holiday Photography Services Adopt SMS Queuing System

Queuing systems are becoming an essential function in the holiday photography service industry. As customers and clients adopt digital technology the expectation is the holiday photography industry will follow suite. Virtual queue management systems enable customers to enter a queue using there name and cell phone number and continue to shop while they wait for a text messaging notifying them it’s their turn to see Santa. SMS queuing systems not only increase customer flow they increase customer satisfaction by reducing the size and wait times associated with holiday events.

The business case for malls, centers and event promoters is the increased customer satisfaction but more importantly, customers can continue shopping while they wait in a virtual line, thus driving sales for the center’s tenets. “There in nothing worse than a retailer gazing out their window to see throngs of potentials customers herded like cattle waiting hours to see Santa when they could be spending money in their store.” Says Brandon Munson, President of Queue Mobile’s Event Q™, A specially designed, high volume queue management system designed for the seasonal event industry. Virtual queue management systems increase customer satisfaction and increase revenue for the holiday photography services company through a more efficient customer flow those increasing the number of pictures taken, this is particularly important during peak periods.

Queue Mobile offers a suite of industry specific virtual queuing systems that can help your business increase customer flow and your bottom line.

Event Q™, A Seasonal Event Queuing System

Queue management systems are now essential for holiday photography services such as Santa sets and other special events. Event Q™ is virtual waiting line management system designed for the seasonal event industry and special events. Event Q™ uses SMS messaging to create virtual waiting lines without the expensive take a ticket queuing system.

Event Q™ is ideal for holiday photography services during Christmas and Easter. Event Q uses an iPad kiosk to enter customers into the queue along with an iPhone App to process customers. This particular queuing system is designed for malls and centers where WIFI or the mobile internet might not be totally reliable. The iOS apps continue to process customers, saving the data locally even if you loss connectivity, thus keeping the customer flow moving. Once connectivity is reestablished customer data is sync through web services enabling staff to continue to service customers.

Event Q™ was designed with Scene to Believe, the leading holiday photography service in Australia, serving over 38,000 customers across 20 malls in an 8 week period. Queue systems are essential to enhance the customer experience.

Queue Mobile offers a suite of industry specific virtual queuing systems that can help your business increase customer flow and your bottom line.

How a Text Message Queuing System Can Benefit College Students

There are many demands faced by college students that weigh on their time. Particularly during pre-semester and early in the semester, the scramble to register for classes, drop/add, consult with academic advisors and secure financial aid is at its peak. Students can find themselves feeling mired down under those circumstances, especially as Freshmen or transfer students that are new to the campus (or campus life in general).

The Problems it Solves
In the past, there were few workable solutions for these problems. There was a great deal of waiting in lines, sometimes for hours at a time, and most of that time was lost for productivity or socialization. Even those few determined students who bring their work with them while they wait to speak to their advisors no doubt have too many distractions to get any meaningful degree of study in under noisy and stressful conditions like that.

Today, there are better options. One of those options is a cell phone-based queue system being implemented by colleges and universities nationwide that allows students’ time to be productively divided between waiting in lines and retaining making productive social and academic use of the same block of time.

Why It Works
The reasons why a queue management system like this is so beneficial are not difficult to guess. It is estimated that well over 99 percent of students entering college this year have cell phones.  This makes a cell phone based queuing system an inexpensive – yet very effective – way for colleges to serve practically the entire student body and alleviate some of the burden on the faculty and staff that serve it. Queue Management system such as Queue Mobile are cloud based,  easy to use, improve customer flow and student’s can gauge in hours and minutes how long they have to get to those appointments.

The benefits to the institution are also clear. Even large campuses can take advantage of an cloud based SMS queuing system with little to no overhead added to the school’s own network resources. This leaves the IT department to deal with more pressing campus network issues. From the standpoint of time management, financial aid counselors, academic advisors, and any other faculty or staff that serves students outside the classroom also benefit from the efficiency provided by a phone-based queue management system. With no more long lines outside office doors and the ability to pull files and paperwork ahead of time, more students can be served in a shorter expanse of time.

For many, college is the first time people find themselves in need of independent time management skills. A note scrawled on a piece of paper can get lost, discarded or forgotten. This is not a problem when your phone provides you with onscreen alerts, sounds and other attention-getting means of helping manage appointments.

Text-based queuing systems of all description serve the uniform purpose of helping both college students and staff take care of business while leaving time between, and leading up to, appointments under their control.  Visit http://QueueMobile.com to learn more.

The One Stop Student Services Model Now Using Virtual Queue Management Systems

When we think back on our college experience, most of us remember the good things, not the lack of a student queue system.  We remember the friends we made, the crazy things we did, and all the experiences of dorm life. We remember our professors and those memorable moments in class when we felt most inspired. We don’t waste much time at reunions discussing the time we wasted standing in line to register for classes or the endless hours outside the financial aid office only to be told to come back tomorrow. Those are things we’d just as soon forget and make a bad impression for any college with a student is subjected to standing in physical lines.

But with the advent of the SMS Queue management systems, we have also seen a major paradigm shift in how student customer service is enhanced, especially when it’s combined with the One Stop customer flow model of student services. Today’s college students haven’t the first inclination of some of the things we went through because the Internet has taken care of everything from the application process, to registration to changing dorms or updating meal plans. Still, there are those aspects of college life that will always require face-to-face contact with students and those aspects are also getting a little help from technology. Through the use of a text message queuing system, many of the things that put undue demands on students’ time are becoming less of a burden, particularly waiting in long lines.

How a Queue Management System Works?
A cell phone-based queuing system can liberate a large portion of a student’s time, allowing him or her to virtually be in two places at once. One can be studying in the library or stopping in at the commissary for a quick snack, or even discussing a project with one of their professors while at the same time waiting in line to speak with their financial aid counselor or academic advisor. In fact, even schools that have not fully embraced web-based enrollment models still see the benefit of this type of queue system. It simply reduces the number of people waiting in line at the same time and helps perpetuate a more productive work environment for staff.

Here is just one example of how a text-based queue management system can serve just one student:
Tom is a Freshman and is struggling to fill the gap in his financial aid. He has heard that his program has a surplus of scholarship funds allocated to it that was left behind by several non-returning students. Rather than just showing up and waiting, he makes an appointment with the head of the department that oversees his major. At the same time, he makes an appointment to see his financial aid counselor. The app tells him what time he is scheduled to be in each place, tells him how much time remains before his appointment and can even send alerts and reminders so he is sure to get there and get there on time. In the meantime, Tom is able to get some other coursework done in an atmosphere that is conducive to study, not sitting on the floor in a crowded hallway.

Schools like Gwinnet Technical College find enormous benefit to both their students and their staffing using  Queue Mobile at their One Stop. The possibilities of a system like this are endless and the benefit to students is beyond question.